Here is a piece I made about my senior year of high school. It was made this Thursday night and Friday early morning – in the middle of the night, I had a sudden flash of inspiration about how I could tell a part of my story that I rarely tell anyone, but is absolutely painful for me to bear as a secret. Saying the words is more painful than illustrating it on paper, so here it is. The story of how I had feelings of extreme perfectionism and self loathing. The story of how I depended too much on others when I couldn’t trust myself. The story of how bad thingsĀ turned ugly, but in the end, I am a stronger person.

Please don’t view this image if you feel you might be triggered in any way. And please don’t worry about me – being able to express my feelings on paper is my way of releasing what is bottled inside me so that I can function normally on a daily basis.

Thank you.